Hiking in the Appalachian Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest


The Appalachian Ranger District is located north and west of the city of Asheville, and includes both popular and remote, little-used hiking trails. Soaring views of the French Broad River, a trail that climbs up the East's highest mountain (Mount Mitchell), trails that wind through vast natural rhododendron gardens and more await on the Appalachian Ranger District.

Districts and Trailheads

This district was once officially divided into two smaller ranger districts which have since been merged together. They were called the French Broad and Toecane districts, named after the major rivers that flow through them, and you may still see references to them in several places.

Spruces grow in the fog in an alpine meadow near Mount Mitchell
Spruces grow in the fog in an alpine meadow near Mount Mitchell, in the Appalachian Ranger District of the Pisgah National Forest.

But even these areas were quite large and contain a lot of trails that are nowhere near each other, so we divide them up even further into Trailheads with trails convenient to one another. Choose a Trailhead within the Appalachian Ranger District for all the trail information.

Note: While the National Forest land surrounding Mount Mitchell, and the Black Mountains, is in the Appalachian Ranger District, the summit of Mount Mitchell itself is contained within the Mount Mitchell State Park Trailhead.

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