View of Mount Mitchell

This is a zoom of the previous view, to the right as you enter the overlook (in a different season). Several interesting things can be seen here. The mountain on the lower right is the shoulder of Craggy Dome. The Graybeard overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway can be seen in the lower-left. The big ridge near the top is Blackstock Knob, where you can see the parkway traversing the mountainside. This is the lower portion of the Black Mountains, which go out of the picture on the right then curve back left (north) to form the background ridge. The furthest ridge back is in Mount Mitchell State Park. You can see the park's restaurant in a gap if you look closely. The long, high ridge behind that is Commissary Ridge, culminating with Mount Mitchell in the upper-left - the highest peak east of the Mississippi River at 6,684'! The old observation tower - now gone - can be seen at the summit.