Photo Gallery: Mountains to Sea Section 3 Trail

Big Gnarly Birch
North Fork Valley View
The Twisted Tree
Sunset and Flowers in Craggy Gardens
Sunset from Craggy Gardens
Craggy Gardens Shelter at Sunset
Clearing in the Craggies
Mountains to Sea Trail near Beetree Gap
Rhododendron at Trail Shelter
Twisted Tree
Steps on Mountains to Sea Trail at NC 128
Trail through Spruces and Ferns
Buck Spring Trail Steps
Buncombe Horse Range Trail Sign
Grassy Ridgeline Trail
Trail through Norway Spruce
Mountains to Sea Trail through Spruce Forest
Twisted Rhododendron
Mushroom beside the Mountains to Sea Trail
Rock Steps on the Mountains to Sea Trail
Turk's Cap Lily
View of Potato Knob
Boulder Beside the Trail
Fields of Wildflowers
Bullhead Mountain from the Mountains to Sea Trail
Frosty Fence on the Mountains to Sea Trail
Glassmine Falls and Rhododendron Flowers
Spruce Silhouette
Backlit Spruce Forest
Birch Forest at Sunset
Camp Alice Trail Sign
Camp Alice Trail Sign
Mount Mitchell Summit
Balsam Nature Trail Sign
Start of the Mount Mitchell Trail
Mount Mitchell Trail Start
Old Mitchell Trailhead Sign
Mount Mitchell Viewing Platform Compass
Black Mountain Campground Sign
Mountains to Sea Trail
Balsam Nature Trail Sign
Black Mountain Campground Sign
Clump of Moss
Butterfly on Turks Cap Lily
Moss on Fraser Fir on Blackstock Knob
Summit of Blackstock Knob
Rhododendron on a Narrow Ridge
Overlook near Blackstock Knob
Stand of Fraser Fir
Upturned Red Spruce on the Ridge
Colony of Bluebead Lily
Bluebead Lily
Fraser Fir Nursery
Mossy Stump in Spruce Forest
Mossy Knob on a Log
Medium-Sized Spruces on the Mountains to Sea Trail
Mossy Log Beside the Mountains to Sea Trail
Red Spruce Twig
Big Butt Trail Sign