Trails in the Mount Jefferson State Natural Area Trailhead Area

Here is a list of all trails in the Mount Jefferson State Natural Area Trailhead area.

Each trail has its own printable page with all the information and links, including (where available):

  • directions to the starting point
  • difficulty
  • length
  • elevation change
  • a map
  • photos from along the way, and
  • a detailed description and trail directions.

For general information about the Mount Jefferson State Natural Area trailhead, see the Mount Jefferson State Natural Area Trailhead page.

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Lost Province Trail

  • Travels along the south-eastern facing slope of Mount Jefferson. The moderate Lost Province Trail explores a virgin oak/chestnut forest, providing views of false Solomon's seal and other understory species.
  • 0.75mi, Climbs Moderately, Few Obstacles

Rhododendron Trail

  • The upper segment goes along the nearly-level summit ridge through some neat virgin red oak forests, with stout, gnarly trees. Rocky drop-offs are to the northeast; a gentler slope is southwest so the trail splits two very different sections of...
  • 1.1mi, Few Hills, Some Obstacles

Summit Trail

  • Passes through the picnic area as it winds up to the 4,665 foot summit through a red oak forest, with an understory of mountain laurel and rhododendron. Good view near the summit; however, it's developed with towers, signs, etc. Continue to Luther...
  • 0.3mi, Climbs Moderately, Few Obstacles