Stone Mountain Loop Trail

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4.5 mi one-way

Difficulty Rating: 4.5 (More Difficult)
Steepness: Hilly
Tread Condition: Moderately Rough
Blaze Color: Orange
Hikes That Use This Trail: Stone Mountain Loop

This trail is located in the Stone Mountain State Park area. For a list of all the trails in that area, see the Stone Mountain State Park trails list page.


Starting at the Upper Trailhead parking lot, directly across from the campground road, this trail takes you across the summit of Stone Mountain and down again, past the park's Hutchinson Homestead, and then to 200-foot Stone Mountain Falls. Hikers can also choose to use this trail to access the waterfall or the summit without having to do the entire loop. This trail can also be accessed from the Lower Trailhead parking lot or the picnic area via the connector trail.

The trail is long and varied, with surfaces including gravel, dirt, wooden steps, and solid rock. It's not very wet, although some parts along the creeks can be. It follows old roads in places and in others it's purpose-built trail. Ratings include the "worst" part of the trail, which is on the northwest side of Stone Mountain; all of the rest of it (including the shortest routes to the summit, the homestead, and the falls) would only be considered Moderate with Some Obstacles.

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Trail Segments

Trails are often made up of several connecting paths which may have different characteristics, allowed uses, and seasons. This trail is divided into multiple segments as follows:

Upper Parking - Picnic Area Connector

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 329 ft

Picnic Area Connector - Chimney & Loop Trail

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.24 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Split to Summit

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 1.38 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Summit to Hutchinson Homestead Road

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.8 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Hutchinson Homested Road to Wolf Rock Tr.

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.16 mi

Stone Mountain Loop -Wolf Rock Tr. to Hutchinson Homested Connector

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.43 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Hutchinson Homestead Connector

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.15 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Hutchinson Homestead S. to Split

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.76 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Lower Falls to Stairs

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.29 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Falls Stairs - Bottom

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 121 ft

Stone Mountain Loop - Falls Stairs - Top

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.11 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Falls Stairs - Platform

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 75 ft

Stone Mountain Loop - Split to Falls Stairs

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 0.15 mi

Stone Mountain Loop - Lower Parking Connector

  • Allowed Uses:
  • Length: 353 ft

Total Calculated Length: 4.63 mi

This value is derived from our underlying map data, and it may not match officially published information.

Intersecting Trails

  • Middle Falls/Lower Falls
  • Wolf Rock
  • Black Jack Ridge
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