Photo Gallery: Grandfather Mountain State Park Hiking

Profile Trail With Blaze
Crossing of Shanty Branch
Trees Along the Profile Trail
Birches and Ferns On Rock
Small Cascade on Shanty Branch
Profile Trail on Slope
Foscoe View
Wildflowers Along the Profile Trail
Cliffs Above Profile Trail
Rock Wall on the Profile Trail
Profile View Sign
The Profile
Shanty Spring Sign
Pipe at Shanty Spring
Bluff Over Shanty Spring
Profile Trail at Shanty Spring
3-Mile Marker on the Profile Trail
Profile and Grandfather Trail Intersection Sign
Watauga View Sign
Small Ladder on the Grandfather Trail
Blue Ridge Parkway View
View from Calloway Peak
Hawksbill Mountain View
Rocky Profile Trail
View of Price Lake
Grandfather Mountain from Foscoe
Grandfather Mountain from Foscoe Closeup
Grandfather Mountain and Hwy. 105
Grandfather Mountain from the Southeast
Rough Ridge
Grandfather Extension and Black Rock Trail Signs
Blueberries on the Grandfather Extension Trail
Swinging Bridge Area from the Grandfather Extension Trail
MacRae Peak from Grandfather Extension Trail
MacRae Peak from the Grandfather Trail
Rock Overhang on the Grandfather Trail
View from Grandfather Gap
Grandfather Trail Sign
Cable Climb on MacRae Peak
Ladder and Overhang on MacRae Peak
Ladder on MacRae Peak
Climbing MacRae Peak
Top Ladder on MacRae Peak
Grandfather Trail on MacRae Peak
Cliffs on Grandfather Mountain
Narrow Ledge on the Grandfather Trail
MacRae Peak Summit
Ladder to MacRae Peak
Boulders on the Underwood Trail
Swinging Bridge from the Grandfather Trail
Grandfather Trail Sign
Thunderstorm Clouds from Grandfather Montain
Sign and Dwarf Trees on Grandfather Mountain
Swinging Bridge and Linville Peak
Swinging Bridge and MacRae Peak
Grandfather Trail Rocky Start
Swinging Bridge from Underneath
Rocks and Galax on the Bridge Trail
Rhododendron on the Bridge Trail
Bridge Trail Sign
Hiker Parking Sign