Betty Place Trail

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1.2 mi one-way

Difficulty Rating: 1.2


Passes several old homesites.

This trail is located in the Hot Springs area. For a list of all the trails in that area, see the Hot Springs trails list page.



Average Rating: 3.0 (rated 1 times)

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Ed said: The Betty Place Trail (named for Betty Gowan whose homestead was located near the trailhead). A 1.2-mile loop crossing a stream a couple of times with nice bridges. It was a little confusing at the start with two trails. We took the one on the right which I now think is the Bluff Mountain Trail. No matter, shortly you will come to a sign directing you to keep right on Bluff Mountain Trail or cross the bridge onto Betty Place Loop. Very easy and fun taking about 45 minutes if you stop and take a few pictures. Bitsy, Daisy (aka Trail Hound) and I hiked it December 19, 2017. We found the old home place though there was nothing there to see. We found a deer carcass that someone has dumped in the trailhead parking lot. Most unusual find was when we drove on up to the end of the gravel road and saw something in the road. After stopping and getting out of the truck we discovered it was a box of Asparagus spears! Yes, you read that correctly. A box apparently from the Farmers Market with several bunches of fresh asparagus spears tucked inside, could not have been more that a day old. We moved the box to the side of the road in case the owner came looking for them. Daisy’s comments: Too short! We did not see another dog or human so I was allowed off leash, which was good. Next time we need to take the Bluff Mountain Trail which is 3.5 miles. My humans were lazy today and just used this hike as an excuse to drink beer and eat pizza. However, I will help them eat the pizza at the Spring Creek Tavern.

Wednesday, December 20 2017 7:15pm
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