Turkey Pen Gap Trail

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5.5 mi one-way

Difficulty Rating: 5.5 (More Difficult)
Steepness: Hilly
Tread Condition: Moderately Rough
Blaze Color: Blue
Trail Number: 332

This trail is located in the Mills River area. For a list of all the trails in that area, see the Mills River trails list page.

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Long ridgeline trail which undulates up and down over the various knobs on its summit. Very steep in places; has some issues with erosion as well. It winds onto the edge of private land in places; stay on the trail. Travels through a typical ridgeline forest with a few nice big trees; one huge sourwood on Sharpy Mtn. stood out to me in particular. Nice sedges grow in open woods in a few places. Enables a connection with trails in the Davidson River area via the Black Mtn. trail.

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Total Calculated Length: 5.39 mi

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Intersecting Trails

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  • South Mills River
  • Vineyard Gap
  • Wagon Road Gap
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    John C. H. said: So uh, went on a simple school trip to this trail outside of Mills River the past few days. It was like a backpacking trip of sorts. Well, we went hiking the first day pretty normal for me. I fell on a log and sometimes felt like I was being pushed so just nothing unusual. The problems didn't start till I was taking a piss. I was walking maybe thirty yards from the camping spot at like eight and I well looked up with my flashlight saw a sign reflect back and then I looked next to the sign I saw something that resembled a skull with long hair pulling down a branch and looking at me with yellow looking eyes. I freak and decide I'm not going to the bathroom run back to camp and hold it in till morning. We got rained out the first night and the next day we were walking back to the van. It was normal and all besides for the fact that some kids claimed the felt like they had been pushed over trying to be pushed down the steep incline next to the trail. That night we stayed at the camp where the whole company the school used for the trip is based from and me and the rest of my friends are talking and then one of my friends mentions that around midnight he went to also take a piss and had a girl in a pink dress run by him and disappear up the trail again. I then describe my story while my other friend said that something tried to push him down the twenty foot ledge into the river we were hiking next to the first day. Then the same friend who claimed to see the girl says he and some of the girls on the trip heard something growl at them while in the valley on the second day (However this might have been debunked because one of the girls was trying to do a cat purr imitation at the time). Then the fourth friend finally speaks and says "Ummm the only thing weird are these scratches on my neck" and shows three deep cuts on the back of his neck. We then just stopped talking and went to sleep in the cabin. But man that freaked the living shit out of me. I just don't know. The trails are good and all and it was a difficult hike but it was horrifying.
    Saturday, October 13 2018 12:58am
    RM said: Not a hike for the beginner. Trail stairs out steeply, levels a bit, then climbs and climbs and climbs again. Hiked it in the rain. Lots of mud.
    Sunday, December 8 2013 9:22pm
    JC said: Very rough terrain with lots of steep elevation changes. Would not recommend as a beginner trail as you must be in shape to make this hike. My friend and I enjoy hiking and we've tried many of the trails in the area but this hike was not enjoyable rather 4 hours and 30 mins of 'heavy working out'. I hear the view in the fall is amazing but in the summer there's no reward for your hard work climbing up and down steep slopes. One quarter mile section changes elevation by 600 feet. As a side note we did have about 40 pounds of backpacking gear on each of us.
    Sunday, June 9 2013 7:06pm
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