Lost Cove Trail

At A Glance

Most Difficult

6.8 mi one-way

Difficulty Rating: 6.8
Steepness: Hilly
Tread Condition: Very Rough
Trail Number: 262

Intersecting Trails

  • Timber Ridge
  • Hunt-Fish Falls
  • This trail is located in the Wilson Creek Area area. For a list of all the trails in that area, see the Wilson Creek Area trails list page.

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    Trail Segments

    Trails are often made up of several connecting paths which may have different characteristics, allowed uses, and seasons. This trail is divided into multiple segments as follows:

    Lost Cove - Timber Ridge W to MST Section 03

    • Allowed Uses: Hiking
    • Length: 1.16 mi

    Lost Cove - Hunt Fish Falls to Timber Ridge NW

    • Allowed Uses: Hiking
    • Length: 3.13 mi

    Lost Cove - MST Section 13 - Hunt Fish Falls to Timber Ridge E

    • Allowed Uses: Hiking
    • Length: 0.52 mi

    Lost Cove - MST Section 13 - Timber Ridge to Back of Loop

    • Allowed Uses: Hiking
    • Length: 2.32 mi

    Lost Cove - Hunt Fish Falls - MST Section 03

    • Allowed Uses: Hiking
    • Length: 173 ft

    Total Calculated Length: 7.16 mi

    This value is derived from our underlying map data, and it may not match officially published information.



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    Jim Suiter said: I tried to do this loop in a clockwise direction and never could find the trail where it starts to veer back NE from a NW heading about halfway thru the loop. I'm afraid the segments don't make this any more clear. The loop only junctions with Timber Ridge Trail twice according to the map, but Timber Ridge is mentioned in four out of five of the segment descriptions. I would assume the segments would be listed in sequence where the endpoint of the previous segment is the starting point of the next segment, and that the starting point would be listed first, and the endpoint second, in the segment description.

    Thursday, July 13 2017 1:25am
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