Trails in the Hanging Rock State Park Trailhead Area

Here is a list of all trails in the Hanging Rock State Park Trailhead area.

Each trail has its own printable page with all the information and links, including (where available):

  • directions to the starting point
  • difficulty
  • length
  • elevation change
  • a map
  • photos from along the way, and
  • a detailed description and trail directions.

For general information about the Hanging Rock State Park trailhead, see the Hanging Rock State Park Trailhead page.

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Chestnut Oak Nature Trail

  • 0.7mi, ,

Cook's Wall Trail

  • 2.2mi, ,

Hanging Rock Trail

More Difficult
  • This is the most direct way to reach Hanging Rock itself, and is probably the most popular trail in the park. The trail is wide and has a gravel surface for most of its length, but gets narrower and rockier near the top. From the picnic...
  • 1.3mi, Climbs Steeply, Some Obstacles

Indian Creek Trail

More Difficult
  • This path is also part of the Mountains to Sea Trail. From the picnic area and trailhead parking, the trail goes 0.4 miles to Hidden Falls (easy), then reaches Window Falls at 0.6 miles (moderate). It continues past these small, but neat, waterfalls...
  • 1.3mi, ,

Lower Cascades Trail

  • From the parking area off of Hall Rd., the Lower Cascades trail winds through level, young woods up to the edge of a little gorge Cascade Creek has carved as it cuts down to the Dan River. Upon reaching the "rim" of the gorge, the trail descends over...
  • 0.4mi, Climbs Steeply, Some Obstacles

Magnolia Springs Trail

  • 0.4mi, ,

Sauratown Loop Trail

More Difficult
  • 6.0mi, ,

Tory's Den Trail

  • 2.4mi, ,

Tory's Den Cave and Waterfall Trail

  • 0.2mi, ,

Upper Cascades Trail

  • 0.2mi, ,

Wolf Rock Trail

  • 1.4mi, ,

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