Trails in the Nantahala Ranger District Trailhead Area

This is your guide to individual trails within the Nantahala Ranger District.

Here is a list of all trails in the Nantahala Ranger District Trailhead area.

Each trail has its own printable page with all the information and links, including (where available):

  • directions to the starting point
  • difficulty
  • length
  • elevation change
  • a map
  • photos from along the way, and
  • a detailed description and trail directions.

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Appletree Trail

Most Difficult
  • 2.2mi, Climbs Steeply, Moderately Rough

Bad Creek/Fowler Creek Trail

More Difficult
  • 7mi, Level, Few Obstacles

Bartram Trail

  • 14.1mi, Level, Few Obstacles

Chinquapin Mountain Trail

More Difficult
  • {{fig left img="2021-04-18_nantahala-highlands_chinquapin-mountain-trail-mossy-sides.jpg"}} From the Glen Falls parking area, descends briefly to cross the East Fork Overflow Creek on a sturdy bridge, then begins ascending the valley of a lively...
  • 3.5mi, Climbs Moderately, Moderately Rough

Cliffside Loop Trail

  • Far from the side of any cliffs, this easy trail encircles the lake by that name. It passes through the campground and crosses over the dam and beach area.
  • 0.75mi, Few Hills, Few Obstacles

Clifftop Nature Trail

  • This trail travels one mile through pine-hardwood forest and climbs to a ridgetop. Signs give trail descriptions along this trail, rated as more difficult.
  • 1.0mi, Climbs Moderately, Few Obstacles

Clifftop Vista Trail

  • This 1.5-mile trail follows the same path as the Clifftop Vista Nature Trail. At the ridgetop is a gazebo, the trail offers a panoramic mountain view. After the gazebo, this more-difficult trail continues along the ridge.
  • 1.5mi, Climbs Moderately, Few Obstacles

Glen Falls Trail

More Difficult
  • Three waterfalls along East Fork Creek are collectively known as Glen Falls, and are well worth the effort required to reach them. The trail travels downhill, starting at the back of the parking area. The trail emerges at the top of the first falls,...
  • 2.8mi, Climbs Steeply, Some Obstacles

Homesite Road Trail

  • This easy 1.5-mile trail starts near Cliffside Lake Dam, follows Skitty Creek and connects with a road that meets U.S. 64 halfway between Dry and Bridal Veil Falls.
  • 1.5mi, Climbs Gently, Few Obstacles

Iron Bridge Loop Trail

  • 2mi, Climbs Gently, Few Obstacles

Junaluska Trail

  • 0mi, Level, Few Obstacles

Laurel Creek Trail

  • 0mi, Level, Few Obstacles

London Bald Trail

Most Difficult
  • 9mi, Hilly, Moderately Rough

Potts Memorial Trail

  • This easy 0.5-mile trail travels to a white pine plantation.
  • 0.5mi, Climbs Gently, Few Obstacles

Ranger Falls Trail

  • Climbs through some old homestead areas, past the loop to Ranger Falls, from the Cliffside Lake Recreation Area up to the old Highlands Ranger Station. Provides free parking access to the Cliffside Lake area.
  • 1.4mi, Climbs Moderately, Some Obstacles

Ranger Falls Loop Trail

  • Loop off of the Ranger Falls trail, providing access to both trails' namesake. Trail crosses right below this beautiful little 25' falls, and travels through an interesting area above and below it. Has some wet areas and rocks to climb over, but is...
  • 1.2mi, Climbs Moderately, Some Obstacles

Skitty Creek Trail

  • This trail runs between from Cliffside Lake Road to a pull-off on US Hwy 64 about 0.4 mi west (north) of Dry Falls. The trail portion is 0.3 mi in length. Campers at the Van Hook Glade campground *could* combine the Van Hook trail (0.34 mi), with...
  • 0.3mi, Climbs Gently, Few Obstacles

Valley Trail

  • 0mi, Level, Few Obstacles

Van Hook Trail

  • This 0.5-mile trail is located between Van Hook Glade and Cliffside Lake. An additional 0.5-mile walk is next to a road that leads to Cliffside Lake.
  • mi, Climbs Gently, Few Obstacles

Walton Interpretive Trail

  • The Walton Interpretive Trail is named for Walton Smith, a resident in Cowee NC who led the charge against clearcut logging thorough the Western North Carolina Alliance's Forest Management Task Force from the late 70's through the early 90's. The...
  • 1.1mi, Few Hills, Some Obstacles

Whiteside Mountain Trail

  • A National Recreation Trail, this loop climbs an old roadbed and travels along the brink of some of the East's most spectacular cliffs. Named for these cliffs, the mountains side does look "white" from a distance with sun shining on the light gray...
  • 2.2mi, Hilly, Moderately Rough

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