Maps of the Panthertown Valley

Here are the available maps for the Panthertown Valley.

Our Interactive GPS Map

Here is our interactive GPS map of the valley with downloadable data. This map shows all the official Forest Service trails in the area.

USFS 2004 Trails Proposal

Here is an old USFS Map of proposed trails and trail designations dating from 2004, for historical purposes. This should not be the map you take with you into the valley; however, it's higher quality than the 2009 one below.

USFS Current Official Map

Here is the official USFS Map after the trail designations are complete, with some changes to the trail proposals from the map above. You can see by comparing these maps that several changes were made, and several trails didn't make it onto the system.

Slickrock Expeditions' Guide and Map

Slickrock Expeditions publishes the excellent "A Guide's Guide to Panthertown, Bonas Defeat, and Big Pisgah", which includes a map of the area and tons of guiding information. It is highly recommended that you buy one before venturing into the valley; however, it does show unofficial, "user created" trails which will likely be closed. The link will take you directly to the order page. Fill out your order and mail a check for $12.00. It's an unusual Internet ordering system for the days of e-commerce, but they're fully legit, and I highly recommend the map to anyone who will be hiking in the area.

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